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Belt installation


Please read the following steps as a reference to the timing belt installation(Remarks: these steps are the suggestions as examples from the belt manufacturer. Before install the belt , it is necessary for you to choose an operator who has the engine maintenance certification and check the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance manual coming with your vehicle carefully.
1.Remove all the transmission belts, pulleys and other parts in the engine which will obstruct us remove the timing belt protection shell.
2.Remove the timing belt protection shell.
3.Turn the camshaft clockwise to TDC mark. Make the timing mark on the engine cylinder line up to those on the crankshaft and camshaft.
4.Loosen the adjust tension pulley bolt, make the belt and pulley separate to each other then take the belt off.  
5.Check and clean the working surface of the timing belt pulley, idler and tension pulley. Whether there is any dust, oil or rust on them if the damage is serious, please change new ones, otherwise, the lift time of the new timing belt will be influenced.
6.Ensure all the timing marks are aligned properly.
7.Install the new timing belt to each pulleys.
8.Loosen the adjust tension pulley bolt and let the pulley move freely. Confirm the tension pulley spring is properly engaged.
9.Turn the tension pulley bolt to the final position. If the tension pulley is not clocked automatically, please use the professional tensile strength tester to ensure it is adjusted to the figure following the vehicle manufacture’s maintenance manual. This is very important to confirm the timing belt is strained to the correct tensile strength.
10. Ensure all the timien ng marks are aligned properly.
11.Turn the crankshaft clockwise at least 2 circles.
12.Ensure all the timing marks are aligned properly again.
13.Use the torque wrench to adjust the tension pulley bolt to the position following the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance manual suggestions.
14.Start the engine. Check the ignition time and make some necessary adjust.

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