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Quality Assurance

WUXI BELT CO.,LTD use our professional experience of aytomotive belt manufacture,learn and improve our technology and equipment advancing the time,accurate design and inspection to offer the qualified and complete goods to our cuystomers.

Control the stability of S/Z cord while they are being lined to confirm the belt moving in the trabsmission system without running off(tacking) .


The selected cord we are using has the extraordinary tensile strength and other wonderful performance,Our perfectly high quality belts are made by the special adhered rubber and cord.

Magnify 80 times

High accurate projector are used to confirm the goods, grinding wheels and moulds made according to 
the design completely which means our goods have the highest transmission efficient. In this way we can 
help u save some petrol.


Equip the most modern noise test system to add the lownoise performance into our design drawings. Thus
 we can forbid the driving comfort decreasing caused by the belt shaking. Chattering and thickness 
nonuniform. Our goods will make the quiet, smooth and steady accompany you.


Dynamo test for Timing Belt assurance

  -All test items(Speed reduction rate and Tire)are in accordance with XXX(2.0T)  Tire Size;215/55 R17 Speed Reduction Rate:3.23
Tire Height=(55x215)/100=118.3mm Wheel Boss Diameter=17x25.4=431.8mm Tire Diameter=431.8+(118.3x2)+668.4mm Tire Circumference=π(3.14)x668.4=2.1m Drive Speed=(5.000x2.1)/3.23(Speed Reduction Rate) =3.251m/min =(3.251x60)/1000=195km/h Engine Test 500hr: 195km/hx500hr=97.500km
Rig dynamo test
Test Equipment:3 pulley dynamo tester
Torsion: 32.5Nm
Temperature: 125℃
Obey aboved methods to do dynamo test about 200h can run 10,000km Under the actual car engine room’s temp(90℃), Belt timing belts is able to run more than 100,000km sufficiently. But it is reasonable to assure 80,000km as take consideration safety factor of 80% because the unstable driving environment and the interference of around parts directly or indirectly.

A serious of technical figures work with the test equipment to confirm each type of our goods are
 tested completely during the design process before selling to the market.

We create the formula to calculate the assurance(guarantee)of our belt on the real car obey the
 fatigue test.


We are looking forward to making our good’s guarantee as long as the engine



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