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The second half of the National Auto Parts Fair

 74th National Auto Parts Trade Fair scheduled for November 2, 2013 -4 held in Guangzhou City, "Poly World Trade Expo."

Guangzhou is China's third largest city, one of the South's financial, trade, economic, cultural, scientific and educational center, the country's foreign trade window and national gateway cities, but also China's first open city.
Guangzhou traffic developed, with passenger traffic ranked second Baiyun International Airport, the radiation, ease of railway network, China's third largest port in Hong Kong, Guangzhou is the main material distribution center in southern China and the Pearl River Delta and the largest international trading hub Hong Kong, as the South's largest transportation hub, the radiation, connecting the world of the modern highway system is perfect. Guangzhou city transportation is very convenient, the bus network throughout the city, the subway is one of the first nationwide perfect city, which provides direct access to the fair line eight venues layer.
Automobile industry as an important pillar industry in Guangzhou, has built automobile production, R & D and export base, the international automobile manufacturing center and a modern logistics center with global influence. A large number of independent brands and joint venture brands of car production brought prosperity auto parts market, making into southern Guangzhou auto parts, automotive supplies distribution center.

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